Do You Grind and Have Issues Sleeping Due To It?

Many patients ask our team about what are the most effective treatments for bruxism, grinding, and clenching?

The traditional solution is fabrication of an occlusal guard or “Nite Guard”.

These appliances are very effective if worn consistently. However, studies and patients report that show grinding, bruxism and clenching happen during the day-time as well.

We have two options for these patients- wear an Invisalign-type appliance on the lower teeth to prevent damage to their teeth as well as damage to dental work.

2nd option and a patient favorite: retire and relocate to the Fiji Islands!

We also have incorporated the therapeutic use of Botox for patients that are suffering acute jaw soreness and non-specific dental pain. This has been amazing and improves outcomes over a period of 1-2 years of treatment.

Recently published clinical studies have shown this to be extremely effective for acute pain.

Call our office for a consultation for an evaluation if you suffer from these issues.

Dr. Czarkowski was recently interviewed by Pioneer Press about the benefits of BOTOX for TMJ/TMD Treatment, you can read that interview at this link.