Laser Therapy in Winnetka, IL

Laser Assisted Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy

The Winnetka Dental Group is excited to offer the latest in laser technology to our patients! Diode lasers are a safe and effective treatment for nonsurgical periodontal therapy. New innovation and research in the field of laser dentistry have greatly improved accessibility for treatment in recent years.

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection. Traditional treatment includes scaling and root planing to remove bacteria from the root surface. Adding diode laser therapy provides an antibacterial effect, reduces inflammation, and supports healing of periodontal pockets through the elimination of bacteria. Laser therapy has been proven to stimulate bone growth. After scaling and root planing, laser therapy will begin with the deepest pocket depths and progress to the more shallow ones.

Studies have shown that patients who underwent laser treatment demonstrated significantly greater improvement in their gingiva, bleeding and periodontal attachment compared to patients who underwent only scaling & root planing alone.

Laser therapy can be used for immediate pain relief in oral lesions or ulcers to assist in decontamination and reduction in life of the lesion.